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  1. Currently,  there is a Spiritual Leadership Cohort that many of the men at Redeemer are participating in. Can/will this program be tailored and ultimately offered to the women of Redeemer?

  2. How is the male leadership at Redeemer intentionally recruiting women of color to be on staff?

  3. How is the male leadership at Redeemer creating a space where the gifts/talents of women can be utilized? This includes spaces where they are not typically visible i.e. Redeemer Kids or hospitality.

  4. Where do you feel are the areas in which the visibility and presence of women at Redeemer can be improved?

  5. Follow up to previous question: How is leadership creating spaces for the experiences/stories of women in our diverse body to be shared and impact the mission of the church? I.e. married and single women, working moms, stay at home moms, single moms, widows, divorcees, women of color, etc.

  6. How does our church differentiate between issues in the Bible that are specific to present cultural moments and which aren’t? Such as: women are not permitted to be elders, however women are permitted to lead worship and not required to cover their heads. Why is this specific issue one that Redeemer holds onto when many other churches are lead by women?

  7. We are grateful that our elders and larger body are entering into these conversations on gender and we understand that femininity and masculinity will be a topic of study and discernment for our elders over the next few months. How can women actively help and engage the elders during this process?

  8. In your opinion how can the Gospel be used as a tool to abolish sexism and misogyny in the church?

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